My Car


My Car

Some hate it, others are crazy about it. In Far Asia, there are even schools that teach you how to free yourself from its addiction. Its power dictates the life of billions of people across the world. From pole to pole without exception, people entrust with their communication, orientation, entertainment, work and passions one single object: the Mobile phone. 

Today, mobile smartphones are replacing maps, navigators, alarm clocks, the day's agenda, monitoring equipment and not so rarely computers and tablets. The 'smartphone' virus has brought to the internet world billions of people who have surrendered to the latest developments of different operating systems. 

The love-hatred conflict over the mobile phone has not kept the latter from spreading increasingly more and more. Little Albania has not escaped this tendency either. 

The mobile phone is the most popular piece of equipment around. On the street, on a bus, in cars and bars, you see many people with their head down as if praying and the hands touch the screens fast to convey thousands of 'bytes' on the huge internet world. 

At Porsche Albania, where we are constantly looking for ways to build new communication bridges with our customers, we looked at this opportunity to come closer to existing or potential clients for the questions, requests or needs for information that may arise. 

Now, on the main application platforms you may find/download the "My Car" application from Porsche Albania. 

"My Car" is simple to use and with many useful functions. One such is "Find your car." This feature allows you to mark the place and time of the parking of your car (on the digital map) and the path you have taken, showing in real time your location, your car's location and the time of parking. In this way, you may find your car faster in large parking lots or send the location of its parking to your relatives. 

The contact forms, those for test drives or for information about spare parts bring even closer the information you need from Porsche Albania. 

The guiding map for signals on your dashboard quickly shows you about the nature of the signal blinking on your dashboard. 

These and many other features promise to make your experience with your car even more special.

 Discover more about the "My Car" application in the "app store" or "play store." My Car Makina ime 

 Edmond Korbi Drejtor TI / IT Manager