For 5 years now, Porsche Albania has only seen development in the Logistics Department. Aside from organizing transportation, this Department is in close sync with the continued innovations that the General Directory of Customs introduces. Thanks to the credibility of our brands, the adherence to laws in force, we are proud to communicate that our company is one of the first in the market and the only one in the Albanian automotive market, to seek and obtain rights for:

 Green Lane customs procedure

 Local Clearance Authorization (simplified customs procedures)

 The USB Token for digital stamping of documents and paper-free procedures, a new element in Customs.

Each of these requires time in order to find complete compliance in the "New customs outside customs." This 'mini-customs' is located in the company premises and operates with competence and professionalism, making our logistics part of modern development trends. It is integrated toward digital technology and ready to be part of this new image. Each passing day is confirming the move toward digital imaging in all customs and logistics operations. The New Computerized Transit System (NCTS) is a novelty that we are waiting to make part of our daily work.

The acceleration of customs procedures, the reduction of physical and documentation checks by Customs are some of the advantages for companies obtaining Local Clearance authorization. This aims not only at improving synergy, but also transparency, making us feel equal to our partners in the supply chain outside the country.

Spurred by commercial needs, these customs novelties are also supportive of doing business in lower costs.

From a more long-term standpoint, the purpose of such work is to increase the positive impact of system standards. We are working in particular to ensure that credible sustainability standards become more efficient, inclusive, collaborative and effective.

Being creative is a good thing, but we want to be innovative, because innovators turn creativity into production and, through customs novelties, we are managing to realize our goal "Securing the proper goods, at the right time and in the right place."