Summer Driving Experience!


Summer Driving Experience!

Weekend, sun and sea. The perfect holiday combination became even more tempting when Porsche Albania's staff joined the tourists who have chosen the Jon seaside to relax (Jal's beach to be more specific) this mid-August.

The objective was clear: Pouring some more emotions on that sunny weekend.

Both Tourists and residents had the opportunity to see and try some of the best known models of Volkswagen, while special 'relaxing' gifts followed.

For those in search of sportive yet comfortable drive the adventure started with a Golf 7 and for the more emotional drivers a Tiguan R-line was part of the lineup of cars reserved for them. In their journey to the sea all the participants had a special partner a Volkswagen model.  After a thrilling test drive it was picture time with drinks and massage to follow.

But the adventure didn't set with the sun, so the organizing team joined the party to award the Volkswagen brand enthusiast while dancing on their favorite tunes.

The activity in figures:

·         3 Volkswagen models to choose from.

·         348 combined horse power for all the test drive models

·         315 km of test drives.

·         360 minutes of massage as a gift for all the "lucky ones" who set for a more emotional holiday

Conclusion: An excellent opportunity to meet with friends and sharing the passion for the brand while enjoying the sun and sea.

See you again next summer!