Code of Conduct


Porsche Albania as part of Porsche Holding the international company that has worked to achieve its outstanding reputation during the 60 years of its existence in over 20 European countries, in China, South America and Malaysia. Social responsibility and a high standard of ethics have made Porsche Holding what it is today: the most successful automotive distributor in Europe.


As a company with operations around the globe, to Porsche Holding compliance means that its employees not only abide by current law but also adhere to a set of moral principles that go beyond merely observing the law. These principles have been set down in the company's own Code of Conduct. Naturally they apply to all levels of the Group and to all countries where Porsche Holding operates.


Code of Conduct (6.3 mb)



1. Compliance 

Local Compliance officer
Name: Jona Njocko

Phone: +355 (04) 2407430 (ext 110)
e-Mail: jonanjocko@porsche,al
Web: http://www.porsche............/compliance/ 


2. Anti-Corruption Officer 

If there are any doubts or questions regarding corruption, please contact the anti-corruption officer:

Porsche Holding Group Anti-Corruption Officer

Dalibor Schikuta - Head of Internal Audit PHS
Phone: +43 662 4681-2127
e-Mail: dalibor.schikuta(kwfat)


3. Central Investigation Office

email:  io(kwfat)volkswagen(kwfdot)de, Tel.: +800 444 46300,

Postadresse:  Aufklärungs-Office, Brieffach 1717, 38440 Wolfsburg (Innenstadt), Deutschland


4. Ombudsmen

Corruption is not a minor offence; it damages both the company and its employees. Porsche Holding places a high value on the fight against corruption and raising awareness of the issue. The Group-wide and internationally structured ombudsman system was created by Volkswagen AG to provide a secure means for employees and business partners to air their concerns about potential corruption.

Two renowned lawyers are available as neutral ombudsmen. Every employee and business partner can turn to one of the ombudsmen if they discover evidence of corruption. All such information is treated confidentially and the informant remains strictly anonymous; the ombudsmen are legally bound to non-disclosure.


Dr. Rainer Buchert (Lawyer)
Phone: +49 6105 921355 or +49 69 71033330
e-Mail: dr-buchert(kwfat)dr-buchert(kwfdot)de

Thomas Rohrbach (Lawyer)
Phone: +49 69 65300356
e-Mail: rohrbach(kwfat)ra-rohrbach(kwfdot)de

Online reports to ombudsmen

In addition to the classic methods of contact, whistle-blowers can now also use the Business Keeper Monitoring System (BKMS) for online reports. Using the Business Keeper Monitoring System, reports can be submitted to ombudsmen of the Volkswagen Group from anywhere in the world, at any time and in an especially secure environment.


The system can be accessed in english and german via the following websites: