Porsche Albania and its employees do not engage in active or passive bribery.

Integrity and compliance with the law and pertinent policies (Compliance) constitute the basic principles of our entrepreneurial activity and therefore enjoy top priority within Porsche Albania. They form the basis for the good reputation of the company and its brands. Compliance and integrity are essential for the trust that customers and business partners place in Porsche Albania and for the well-being of their employees as well as for the sustained commercial success.

There is no room for corruption and bribery within the Porsche Albania.

This has been firmly embraced in the Code of Conduct of Porsche Albania and Porsche Holding Group. Our company grants benefits to business partners only within the legally permissible framework and according to certain specifications. The same applies to accepting invitations and gifts. The guideline for the avoidance of conflicts of interest and corruption has set a globally uniform standard for handling donations, gifts and invitations which has been embraced and put into execution by all the members of the company.