Environmental Policy

1. Group Environmental Policy Statement 

As a global leader in the development, production and distribution of motor vehicles and mo-bility services, the Volkswagen Group endeavors to become a leading provider of sustainable mobility and a role model in environment. We embrace the challenges of climate change and we are committed to the 2° target of the United Nations. We are keenly aware of the world-wide environmental and societal impact of our activities and products. To reduce our environ-mental footprint we use our global innovative capacity to address environmental challenges throughout all life cycle stages of our mobility offers. Our mobility innovations will also help our customers reduce their environmental footprint while simultaneously securing our busi-ness competitiveness and employment.


2. Volkswagen with New Corporate Mission Statement Environment "goTOzero" 

Wolfsburg, July 10, 2019 - The Volkswagen Group is bundling all its measures in environmental protection under the new "goTOzero" environmental mission statement. Oliver Blume, Member of the Group Board of Management responsible for environmental protection, says: "With the new Group Environmental Policy, the Group is giving itself and its stakeholders a clear orientation. Our efforts to improve environmental protection cover the entire product cycle, from development, production and operation to the subsequent recycling of our vehicles and administration. We also involve our suppliers. Only together can we achieve our goals".

PM Volkswagen with new corporate mission statement environment 'goTOzero'

3- Mission Statement Environment 

For all our products and mobility solutions we aspire to minimize environmental impacts along the entire lifecycle - from raw material extraction until end-of-life - in order to keep ecosystems intact and to create positive impacts on society. 

Compliance with environmental regulations, standards and voluntary commitments is a basic prerequisite of our actions.

Go To Zero

Sustainability Report 2022

The climate change is only possible if we make sustainable innovations accessible and usable for everyone. Porsche Holding is the one that makes sustainable mobility concepts purchasable, leasable and "experienceable". Whether for 10 minutes or 10 years. We literally bring sustainability to the streets - in 29 countries. That's why we're such a powerful player in the biggest and most important race of all time. We are on the way.

This is the motto of Porsche Holding's first sustainability report for the 2022 reporting year, which will be published annually with immediate effect. With zero emissions, green finance, circular economy, green buildings and green retail, five focus areas in the environmental area form the strategic basis of the sustainability strategy. This report shows the consistent further development of our commitment to sustainability and is aimed at our employees, customers, partners and all other interested parties. 

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